1. Me and Ian Anderson from Designers Republic at the Decode Exhibition.


  2. Conclusion

    To conclude,

    I do like the end result of our publication, but to be honest I wish we did more content upon looking at the other groups work. Also looking at the use of typography in other publications that look great aggravates me as I was restricted into not producing typography as the majority agreed for it to be a illustrative publication.

    But the thing that has been better than other groups is that each stage of our publication has been discussed with the group where as other groups all did their own thing and put it together.

    Also the fact that my design was the face for the exhibition was amazing.

    Overall it’s been good Unit X, I bid you farewell.


  3. More great images thanks to Kate.

    We also numbered each copy of the screens.


  4. Exhibition time at Cord Bar!

    Turn out was great, everybody else’s work looked good. Collected a lot of badges.

    Somebody offered to buy our screen printed clothing pieces that were presented near the door.

    The screenprints of my logo were a hit, they all got taken. All 50 gone. None left for the second day of the exhibition.

    Got myself a goody bag with my publication in luckily as I couldn’t find ours anywhere.

    I got introduced to Ian Anderson from Designers Republic, and agreed on our dislikes towards sketchbooks.


  5. Print outs of my poster around University hung tediously by me. 2 A1 posters and several A4s.


  6. Our exhibition proposal


  7. The badges are here also! And they look great!
    Every one is wearing my decode badge, I love it.



    It looks brilliant!

    All happy with it.


  9. Because I was the fortunate winner of the small contest I had the opportunity to create badges for the exhibition.
    I submitted the letters D E C O as that’s all the letters of the word. I personally thought the D was the best letter if they could do one badge. I also submitted the orange version of the trashtag for a badge as each group gets a badge produced.


  10. The next lesson we had after the publication submission everybody was briefed to create a poster for the Exhibition.

    But first the name had to be chosen, our group produced names like point25,  N.25 and North of X. None of our title ideas progressed passed the voting stage.
    The two that did were Cahoots and Decode, personally I voted for Cahoots as when a google search was done on Decode, exhibitions had already been done using the same title.

    Decode was the winner, and so the poster production began.

    Instantly I thought of back to primary and early secondary school where teachers would hand students leaflets of keywords encoded with symbols and we would have to decode the keywords.

    Mark and Imogen sat with me giving feedback as I went about creating my submission.
    I chose neon pink as I had wanted to use it since the last time I visited screen printing, and it looks great on the clothing screen prints. Once I slapped the pink down I thought of yellow instantly, don’t know why but it worked.
    The feedback was positive from my (sub)team and the tutors alike, Graham (tutor) recommended I leave stating the title Decode as it would take away from what the poster is trying to do. Which I agreed with but at first I thought it would be unclear for people to understand, but once I put the key in I knew it would work.

    Plenty of different posters were put forward and the tutors all huddled together to single out the top 3. I have to admit my palms got sweaty waiting in anticipation, and then they said my design had been chosen.