1. Cottonopolis Zine

    The design idea was for it be similar to a fabrics swatch book, using fabrics scanned in as backgrounds for every left page with a very brief amount of text stuck on top, accompanied by a relevant image.

    There was a resolution issue with some images becoming pixelated.

    Another issue was the the casing, we originally wanted the zine bound by two rings. But the technician insisted we use bolts, so with entrusted power we went with the bolts. Unfortunately this made our zine fall apart within 15 minutes of it being put together as it restricted the opening of the zine, which in turn caused the title to fall off the fabric.
    The title was an embossed piece of rounded card named Cottonopolis.

    Alexander Dickinson, Aman Singh, Ben Taylor, Ed Shrewsbury, Jess Pollard, Jonny Mellor, Mitch Baitey