1. Cottonopolis

    For our first, smaller zine, we looked at the historical aspects of the Northern Quarter, focusing on the cotton trade and the NQ’s role in Manchester’s Industrial Revolution. For the next part of this project we expanded on this, focusing on the key features of the cotton industry and picking three topics to provide a brief piece of information on; factories, children in the workplace, and what has become of the Northern Quarter today. We wanted to look at the area from a non-stereotypical angle, a side of the area of which most people don’t know about. The smaller zine was designed to look like a fabrics swatch, but upon further development we decided we wanted a more clean and contemporary design for our larger version, largely inspired by the Australian Men’s Magazine, The Smith Journal.

    Adam Blackler, Alexander Dickinson, Aman Singh, Ben Taylor, Ed Shrewsbury, Jess Pollard, Jonny Mellor, Mitch Baitey